Swimming had been known since prehistory. In Japan, swimming is the ability which must be possessed by the samurai. History records, the first pool match was organized by Emperor Suigui in 36 BC.

Pool match for the championship had been started in Europe around 1800 and mostly using the breaststroke. Freestyle swimming first was introduced by Arthur Trudgen. Then this style was  combined with kicking leg style by Richard Cavill in 1902. In the Middle Ages, swimming was including the seven skills that must be owned by the Knights and swimming with weapons.

The first pool match was macthed in modern olympics games in 1896 in Athens, Greece. In this olympics, just four numbers that were matched from the original planning of six numbers. Each of these were  100 meters, 500 meters, 1,200meters, free number, and 100 meters for sailors. The second Olympics was held in Paris, France in 1900 and the matching for the 200meters, 1,000meters, 4,000meters, free number, 200meters breaststroke and 200meters team number.

Unity Pool International (Federation Internationale De Natation de Amateur / FINA) was formed in 1908 initially set, butterfly style was a variation of the breaststroke. This new style became a separate style in 1952. Women were allowed to compete at the pool at the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, Netherlands. It was only recently free number. Along with the development of sport, swimming was becoming more popular. swimming enthusiasts are increasing rapidly. In fact, often , children are taught swimming at a very early age.


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